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Atinu Critical Care Hospital (ACCH) is a private hospital registered as a limited liability company under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with foremost specialty in the provision of health care services. The hospital is located at 269 Old Refinery Road, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

It was incorporated on the 15th of January, 2010 and commenced business the same month and has ever since been providing medical and clinical services, emergency medical evacuations and ambulance services, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, medical diagnostics etc.

The inspiration and aim of the hospital is to provide critical care with the proper balance of exercise, nutrition, and education.
Atinu Critical Care Hospital has a total of 30 beds – featuring 4 private rooms and is currently undergoing its first expansion, featuring 60 beds. The hospital occupies a large area of land (about 9,000 square metres).

Atinu Critical Care Hospital was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company on the 15th of January, 2010. The decision to build a full-service, modern critical care hospital to serve the Port Harcourt community was made when the founder lost a colleague friend due to the provision of inadequate critical care granted to her in a hospital.


Atinu Critical Care Hospital has since the time it started its operations been providing a 24/7 healthcare service to its clients. The workforce consists of trained persons that do operate within the framework of the organization’s corporate culture and also to meet the needs of all customers.

Atinu Critical Care Hospital is fully licensed and qualified to provide the medical services listed in this document. Our health workers have approved the licenses from the requisite regulatory bodies. All health care givers have attained the relevant qualifications and licenses from the following institutions that regulate the medical profession and business operations:

• Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria,
• Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria,
• Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria,
• Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria Act,
• Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Registration Board Of Nigeria,
• Pharmaceuticals Society of Nigeria.
• Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)
• Rivers State Inland Revenue Service. (RIRS)
• Rivers State Ministry of Health.


The hospital has been engaged in the treatment of ailments and provision of critical health care such as dialysis, lesions, excisional removal of tumours, and biopsies. Other services the hospital offers include, inpatient care, outpatient care, anatomical pathology services, diagnostic X-ray services, radiology/clinical laboratory services, operating room/surgical services, occupational, physical, and speech therapy (rehabilitation services), personal injury case management, obstetrics and gynaecology, biopsy, mammography, physical therapy and instruction, health spa, wellness and gymnasium.

The hospital welcomes all manner of health services clients and maintains their privacy according to the rules and regulations of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. The Hospital holds no prejudice to race, creed, colour or socio-economic status.

Atinu Critical Care Hospital (ACCH) ensures that all health services clients are given first-class treatment during visits. The medical services offered are carried out by highly trained professional doctors, surgeons, opticians, nurses, nurse’s aides, mental health counselors, chiropractors, medication management counselors, physical therapists, and other health and non–health workers, who are highly knowledgeable in delivering quality health care services with positive outcomes.

Atinu Critical Care Hospital (ACCH) ensures that in the line of carrying out its duty, we comply with the laws and health regulations of the country.


To save lives through our personalized, customized, innovative time bound sterling quality medical attention, advisory services to individuals and corporate bodies, being conscious and sensitive to patient requirement thereby delivering superior added value and care for all.


a) Provision of Excellent Healthcare: The hospital has since the commencement of business provided excellent medical services to the residents of Akpajo, Elelenwo, Eleme, Okirika, Onne Ogoni, etc…


Atinu Critical Care Prospective Hospital features an elegant facility with a sleek, up-to-date exterior designed to match the cutting-edge methods of care within its walls.

A key determinant of the experience, cost, and results you get when it comes to health interventions are the buildings and spaces in which patients are treated. The size and layout of a room, whether a bed sits in the middle or against a wall, how much space is maintained for patients to walk vis-a-vis how many beds or operating equipment can be accommodated are evidently predictors of health outcomes.

Atinu Critical Care Prospective Hospital takes a more holistic approach to healthcare – one that takes the healing environment into consideration.

Each section in its interior has its own unique features, differentiating it from the others, easy to navigate, while large windows on its façade provide great views, natural lighting, and varied visual stimulation.


The hospital is made up of two wings of three stories and two stories pavillions juxtaposed beautifully, possessing a unique hospital architecture design, and housing ambulatory, and diagnostic services as well as overnight patient and inpatient rooms.

This striking medical facility features several consulting rooms in the building, three state-of-the-art theaters, five highly functional nurses’ stations, an eye/dental clinic, eight private rooms, seven semi-private rooms, two sluice rooms for infection control, male and female intensive care units, male and female medical wards, male and female surgical wards, a gymnasium, alongside several male, female and children wards.

With intriguingly created open spaces and interesting architectural features within the building, we paid special attention to the safety of both patients and personnel.

The provision of quality helicopter landing facilities on the building is critical to the efficient transportation of patients by ACCH air ambulances.

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