Description & Significant achievements


Atinu Critical Care Hospital is a service based business providing health care coordination and medical management for ailing adults as well as providing multiple procedures to create a complete health care solution. We also incorporate multiple modalities, such as dialysis, excisional removal of tumours, lesions, biopsies medical transportation and accompaniment. ACCH ensures that international standard of facilities is provided for its health services clients.


(a) Provision of Excellent Healthcare: The hospital has since the commencement of business provided excellent medical services to the residents of Akpajo, Elelenwo, Eleme, Okirika, Onne Ogoni, etc. Since its operation, ACCH has consistently produced greater than expected quality of services to our clients. Emergency situations in the hospital have been well managed even as we have been recognized as the fastest in urgent response. This is exhibited in our impeccable record as regards handling cases in a timely fashion. Any wonder we have had substantial increases in referrals and commendations. We have therefore come a long way in achieving the hospital’s set targets and goals. 

(b) Improvements in Services: Atinu Critical Care Hospital has far-fetched targets for reforms. These apply to every constituent part of the hospital and should be achieved by 2020. We have therefore accomplished significant success in our service improvement. This success is as a result of a joint effort by our team. To this end, ACCH has established a coordinated process of identifying the relevant targets with key milestones for action, by whom and when. This is undertaken in partnership with health management societies, organizations, and the individual directorates responsible for delivering these targets.

Summary of targets achieved and hospital performance from 2011 till date:

  1. Reducing waiting times – ACCH has achieved its target of reductions in waiting times for health care delivery. No one waited over 10 minutes without being attended to.
  2. Expanding Facilities – Successively, new equipment has been installed which was funded by the modernization fund, together with a replacement of the old equipment in accordance with the planned target. Theatre utilization is considerably in excess of the 80% utilization target set out over the years. The physiotherapy, gymnasium and dental clinic were established during the period.

3. Booking – Outpatient booking and day treatment were established in a number of specialties and have exceeded the target.                

4. Patient Care-

  • A total number of 9,360 people received medical care from ACCH last year (2018)
  • Patient surveys have been introduced which has yielded a result ahead of its target.
  • A one-stop dispensing for discharge service has been established.


5. Enhanced Work Procedures –

  • Charge medical personnel are always on post and are easily identified.
  • Enhanced working procedures and techniques.  


6. Better work environment

  • Clean environment: ACCH has over the years, constantly maintained a clean building facility and environment. It has recently been commended on its performance on its environment following a recent visit the environmental and health safety officers.
  • ACCH provides the necessary tools and equipment to staff to facilitate the effective delivery of work.
  • ACCH trains and retrains all workers.
  • Workers enjoy a flexible work pattern which enables them to have a good work-life balance.

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