Kidney transplant care


When you have kidney failure, you may start dialysis while you wait for a kidney transplant. Kidney failure is also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Kidney transplant is considered the best treatment option for people facing kidney failure because it can increase your chances of living a longer, healthier life.  Kidney transplant surgery is a life-changing opportunity and is considered safe.

A successful kidney transplant is predicated on how healthy you are before the transplant, taking good care of yourself after your transplant, and closely following your doctors’ instructions after the transplant.

There is scientific evidence that patients who get a kidney from a living donor live longer than patients who get a kidney from a deceased donor (someone who has just died). Living kidney donor transplants last, on average, 15-20 years, and deceased kidney donor transplants last approximately 10-15 years.

At Atinu Critical Care Hospital, we render pre-transplant counsel, readying you for surgery and recommending the best transplant facilities within and outside Nigeria.


Post-kidney transplant management

Several medical conditions are unique to kidney transplant patients. Some of these conditions can be complicated and sometimes severe. As a result, post-transplant management for renal transplant patients requires unique medical care and attention that must be provided by qualified care providers like us as well as the transplant center.

While geographical and financial restrictions might make it difficult for the patient to maintain continuing long-term care and follow-up in the transplant center, we are able to bridge the gap by following up with your care while maintaining collaboration with the transplant center.

With a state-of-the-art nephrology electronic health records system featuring sophisticated medication management, patient visits tracking and reporting, allergy and drug interaction alert capabilities, we ensure a continuum of care and flow of information between us and the transplant center.

At Atinu Critical Care Hospital, we are happy to assist you with all clinical surveillance needed to ensure a happy and successful outcome after your kidney transplant surgery.

What medical conditions do we focus on after your kidney transplant?

Effective management of medical conditions unique to kidney transplant patients includes the close monitoring of renal function, therapeutic drug monitoring (immunosuppression), cardiovascular diseases, the plethora of infectious diseases kidney transplant patients are susceptible to, as well as any post-transplant malignancy that might arise.



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